Archivematica Storage Service 0.15.1 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.


The Archivematica Storage Service exposes an API endpoint that allows users to check fixity on individual AIPs. The result of a fixity check is written back to the storage service and shown in the packages tab of the user-interface in the Fixity Date and Fixity Status columns:

The packages tab in the Storage Service showing Fixity Date and Fixity Status.

To see more detail, and the history of fixity checking completed on an individual AIP, click on the Fixity status for the AIP (either “Failed” or “Success”). The history page will show the time and date of the fixity checks and previous error, if any.

Fixity history page showing an error in fixity check.

The Archivematica AIP is a Bag packaged in accordance with the Bagit specification, fixity checking is therefore a validation of the bag’s contents. An example can be seen in the error shown above:

Oxum error. Found 8 files and 71101 bytes on disk; expected 8 files and 71100 bytes.

Fixity Application

Fixity is also an application for use with the Archivematica Storage Service. Fixity is run from the command-line and uses the API endpoint documented above to perform batch checking across the entirety of the AIP store.

See the Fixity documentation for more information on its installation and usage.

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