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Our User Forum is the main place where user come to seek help, make announcements, share resources, and discuss issues relevant to the software and the community.


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Archivematica's code is hosted on GitHub. We welcome pull requests and comments related to our code. For further information, please see Contribute Code.

Redmine issue tracker

Found a bug and want to know if it's already been reported? Want to see the status of a current release under development? Checkout our Issue tracker here.

Before requesting support

Before requesting support, please try to make use of the available online resources, where the answers to a large number of questions can already be found. The most important is the documentation. A great majority of questions asked in the AtoM User Forum are easily answered through simple searches of our documentation, or via the documentation index page. We are also working hard to improve our documentation, and currently it is changing on a daily basis, sometimes dramatically so. Please be sure to look around at the latest before requesting support.

Other places to check for information include the FAQ (note the FAQ is also undergoing an upgrade soon!), and of course, previous questions asked by users in our User Forum, which have been answered by Artefactual team members and/or knowledgeable community participants. We've answered a LOT of questions over the years, and the odds are good that someone has run into the same problem as you!

Posting to the User forum

The Archivematica User Forum is the best place to get interactive feedback from other Archivematica users and developers. Artefactual, the lead developers of Archivematica, moderates the user forum, and we try whenever possible to post responses to straight-forward user questions within 24 hours of their posting (during M-F business hours - we are in the Pacific time zone). This is a freely offered service we provide as we are able, and we hope to see more community users become active over time in answering each others' questions. When we think a particular query is beyond these free support parameters we will inform the user that it may be necessary to address it as paid, commercial support. Examples include questions that are too in-depth and time-consuming to investigate and answer or questions that involve unsupported tools or platforms. Please keep in mind that we have to prioritize our client assignments so that we can pay our bills and continue to provide free software and free community support.

If you are interested in commercial support from Artefactual, please see our website for the services we offer.

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Details to include in a User Forum post

Depending on the nature of your issue, here's a few ideas of the information that will help us respond to you more quickly and in more precise detail:

  • What version of Archivematica are you using?
  • What have you tried already to resolve the problem?
  • Do you have a stack trace of the error message you received?

We find it easiest to clearly answer posts that are complete and succinct - that is, posts that include all important details about the software environment and what led to the error, but that also trim away any details or code snippets that aren't directly relevant to the mater at hand. Thanks for helping us to make the User Forum a vibrant and positive place!