Archivematica 1.4 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Library of Congress Bagit format

Archivematica allows the ingest of the Library of Congress Bagit format. Users can ingest both zipped and unzipped bags. Bags must be packaged in accordance with the Bagit specification.

  • To ingest a zipped bag, user selects transfer type “Zipped bag” from the dropdown menu in the transfer tab of the Dashboard. Do not add the directory that the zipped bag is in from the browse dialog, just select the zipped file (.zip). Note that you cannot add a new title to the zipped bag transfer, but you can add an accession number.
Zipped bag transfer in dashboard
  • To ingest an unzipped bag, user selects transfer type “Unzipped bag” from the dropdown menu in the transfer tab of the Dashboard. You may add a new name or accession number to this unzipped bag.
Unzipped bag transfer in dashboard

Index and search bag metadata

In Archivematica 1.4 and higher, fields in the bag-info.txt file are indexed as source metadata in the Archivematica METS file, making their contents searchable in the Archival storage tab after a bag transfer has been processed and stored.

Labels in bag-info.txt file serialized as XML in METS sourceMD, linked to the objects directory of the AIP.

Sample bag-info.txt (from

Source-Organization: Spengler University
Organization-Address: 1400 Elm St., Cupertino, California, 95014
Contact-Name: Edna Janssen
Contact-Phone: +1 408-555-1212
External-Description: Uncompressed greyscale TIFF images from the Yoshimuri papers colle...
Bagging-Date: 2008-01-15
External-Identifier: spengler_yoshimuri_001
Bag-Size: 260 GB
Payload-Oxum: 279164409832.1198
Bag-Group-Identifier: spengler_yoshimuri
Bag-Count: 1 of 15
Internal-Sender-Identifier: /storage/images/yoshimuri
Internal-Sender-Description: Uncompressed greyscale TIFFs created from microfilm and are...</pre>

Sample AIP METS file result:

<pre><mets:amdSec ID="amdSec_14">
  <mets:sourceMD ID="sourceMD_1">
    <mets:mdWrap MDTYPE="OTHER" OTHERMDTYPE="BagIt">
          <Source-Organization>Spengler University</Source-Organization>
          <Organization-Address>1400 Elm St., Cupertino, California, 95014</Organization-Address>
          <Contact-Name>Edna Janssen</Contact-Name>
          <Contact-Phone>+1 408-555-1212</Contact-Phone>
          <External-Description> Uncompressed greyscale TIFF images from the Yoshimuri papers colle...</External-Description>
          <Bag-Size>260 GB</Bag-Size>
          <Bag-Count>1 of 15</Bag-Count>
          <Internal-Sender-Description>Uncompressed greyscale TIFFs created from microfilm and are...</Internal-Sender-Description>


To be parsed into the METS file, Bag labels must be compliant with XML, so cannot contain spaces or forbidden characters.

To search the bag (transfer) metadata in the Archival Storage tab:

Search interface using transfer metadata fields

Use keyword field “Transfer metadata” to search all the contents of the <transfer_metadata> container in the METS file (as indexed in ElasticSearch).

Use keyword field “Transfer metadata (other)” to search individual fields in the <transfer_metadata> container. When the user selects “Transfer metadata (other)” a separate box will appear which will allow the user to enter the label of the specific field to be searched.

To search on a date range in <transfer_metadata> or one if its sub-fields, the user enters two dates in ISO date format separated by a colon. For example, 2015-01-03:2015-04-14.

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