Archivematica 1.4 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.



Once you’ve set up Archivematica it’s a good practice, for the sake of security, to change the default passwords.

This page outlines various security settings and configurations in Archivematica.

Elasticsearch access control

The only way to limit access to ElasticSearch, currently, is using your server’s firewall configuration. You’ll likely want to configure your server’s firewall to limit access to ElasticSearch’s TCP/IP port (9200). It is recommended to only allow access by (the server itself) and the IPs of any other servers or workstations that should be able to access it.


If you are using AtoM as your access system, remember to perform this task on your AtoM Elasticsearch index. Your AtoM site is more likely to be a public- facing IP and therefore this is an important step.

To further enhance your Elasticsearch index’s security make the following changes in your Elasticsearch /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file: false

Then, /etc/init.d/elasticsearch restart.


You should create a new MySQL user or change the password of the default “archivematica” MySQL user. The change the password of the default user, enter the following into the command-line:

$ mysql -u root -p<your MyQL root password> -D mysql \
   -e "SET PASSWORD FOR 'archivematica'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('<new password>'); \

Once you’ve done this you can change Archivematica’s MySQL database access credentials by editing these two files:

  • /etc/archivematica/archivematicaCommon/dbsettings (change the user and password settings)
  • /usr/share/archivematica/dashboard/settings/ (change the USER and PASSWORD settings in the DATABASES section)

Archivematica does not presently support secured MySQL communication so MySQL should be run locally or on a secure, isolated network. See issue 1645.


In addition to changing the MySQL credentials, if you’ve also installed AtoM you’ll want to set the password for it as well. Note that after changing your AtoM credentials you should update the credentials on the AtoM DIP upload administration page as well.


Archivematica relies on the German server for queuing work that needs to be done. Gearman currently doesn’t support secured connections so Gearman should be run locally or on a secure, isolated network. See issue #1345.

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