Archivematica 1.4 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Customization and automation

Some workflow and processing decisions can be made or viewed in the dashboard and others are created at the development level.

Resources for dashboard configuration

The Preservation Planning tab allows editing or addition of commands for identification, tools, characterization, event detail, extraction, normalization, transcription, validation and verification. Please see the Format Policy Registry (FPR) documentation for instruction.

Basic workflow configuration is feasible by administrators or end-users in the Administration tab of the dashboard.

Resources for development configuration

When processing a SIP or transfer, you may automate workflow choices by putting a processingMCP.xml file into the root directory of a SIP/transfer. See Processing configuration.

The MCP is the core of the Archivematica system. It controls the various micro-services in the Archivematica system. Developers who wish to modify the MCP configuration should consult the following resources on the Archivematica wiki:

For other development resources, please see the Development section of our wiki.

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