Archivematica 1.15.1 is an old release, and the documentation is in maintenance mode.

Dublin Core in Archivematica

General description

The use of Dublin Core descriptive metadata, DCMI Metadata Terms, is supported in Archivematica through both import and manual entry.

For instructions on importing metadata with a transfer, please see Import metadata. Archivematica’s metadata import workflow accepts both dc.elements and dcterms.elements.

For instructions on adding descriptive metadata through the user interface during ingest, please see Add metadata.

Metadata handling

When descriptive metadata is added through either of the methods described above, Archivematica handles this metadata by parsing it to the METS file. For example:

<mets:dmdSec ID="dmdSec_2">
  <mets:mdWrap MDTYPE="DC">
      <dcterms:dublincore xmlns:dc="" xmlns:dcterms="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <dc:title>14000 Caen, France - Bird in my garden </dc:title>
        <dcterms:isPartOf>part of a sound collection</dcterms:isPartOf>
        <dc:creator>Nicolas Germain</dc:creator>
        <dc:subject>field recording </dc:subject>
        <dc:subject>soundscapes </dc:subject>
        <dc:subject>radio aporee </dc:subject>
        <dc:description>Bird singing in my garden, Caen, France, Zoom H6 </dc:description>
        <dc:publisher>Radio Aporee </dc:publisher>
        <dcterms:provenance>Comes from Wikimedia</dcterms:provenance>
        <dc:contributor>  </dc:contributor>
        <dc:type>sound </dc:type>
        <dc:format>audio/mp3 </dc:format>
        <dc:identifier>  </dc:identifier>
        <dc:source>Internet Archive </dc:source>
        <dc:language>  </dc:language>
        <dc:relation>  </dc:relation>
        <dc:coverage>  </dc:coverage>
        <dc:rights>Public domain</dc:rights>

When a DIP is sent to AtoM, Dublin Core metadata is parsed into the appropriate fields in the AtoM descriptive template. Descriptive metadata is also indexed in the Archival Storage tab in Archivematica; search results will show the AIP, not individual files.

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